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—- A —-

A Roving
All for me grog
A la Rochelle est arrivé

—- B —-

Bell bottom trousers
Blow the man down
Bolle Dries
Bye bye my rosianna

—- C —-

Can’t ye dance the polka
Cape cod girls
Chicken on the raft
Clear the track

—- D —-

De bittere nacht
De duivel en de Zuiderzee
De ijzeren man
De vrolijke bootsgezel
De zeven zeeën
De zoute zee
Donkey riding
Down Trinidad
Drowned horses of Ameland

—- E —-

En in Amsterdam
En sjöman
Essequibo river

—- F —-

Fire down below

—- G —-

General Taylor
Greenland whale fisheries

—- H —-

Haal ‘m op nou
Haul away for Rosie
Haul boys haul
Haul on the Bowline
Hé kapitein
Hei courage viva
Hills of isle au Haut
Home boys home

—- I —-


—- J —-

Jan Cupido
Jan Riebeeck
John Kanaka
Jolly roving tar

—- K —-

Keep hauling

—- L —-

Last shanty
Le capitaine de Saint-Malo
Le pont de Morlaix
Leave her Johnny leave her
Leaving of Liverpool
Load ‘m and stack ‘m
Low bridge (the canal)
Lowlands low
Luid de bel

—- M —-

Maggie May
Mein vader vos ein Dutchman
Mingulay Boatsong

—- N —-

—- O —-

Old Moke
Op het hobbelend Pekelveld

—- P —-

Paddy Doyle’s boots
Pigue la baleine
Poor old man
Pull down below

—- Q —-

Quinze marins

—- R —

Randy dandy O!
Rattle them winches
Roll Allabama
Rolling down to 0ld Maui
Rolling home
Roll the old chariot
Round the corner, Sally
Row on

—- S —-

Sailor’s farewell hymn
Sammy’s gone a sailing
Sloop John B
Soon may the Wellerman come
South Australia
Stormy weather boys
Sugar in the hold

—- T —-

Talcahuano girls
The Arabella
The bonny ship “The Diamond”
The Capstan bar
The Grimsby lads
The Ebenezer
Three score and ten
Trawling trade

—- U —-

Up she goes

—- V —-

—- W —-

Whiskey Johnny
Wie rijk wil worden
Wrap me up in my tarpaulin jacket

—- X —-

—- Y —-

—- Z —-